Dental Expert Witness

Medical malpractice suits involving dentistry are complex and can involve experts from a variety of medical and dental specialties. Errors that occur during maxillofacial surgeries, complications from dental implant failures, and other problems with dental procedures can cause significant discomfort, injury, and even death. In addition to these complications, dental court cases can also involve issues such as unforeseen side effects, improper consent, and local and general anesthesia problems. As a result, dental medical expert witnesses often encompass a wide range of specialties and backgrounds, including dentists, maxillofacial surgeons, pathologists, and other specialists in head and neck surgery.


Reliable Clinical Experts has a comprehensive network of dental expert witnesses across the country ready to consult on your case. Requests for dental expert services may be made by other dentists or physicians, patients, insurance companies, or attorneys. Our dental consultation services are tailored to meet the specific needs of each situation and range from an explanatory phone call or letter all the way to providing complex dental expert witness testimony in a civil or criminal trial. (855) 963-3625