COVID-19 Expert Witness

It’s an unfortunate reality that COVID-19 will be with us for a long time. As society deals with the impact the novel coronavirus has on our day-to-day lives, attorneys need to be prepared for the malpractice lawsuits that are to come. If you’re in a situation where you could use the expertise that only a COVID-19 expert witness can provide, you can count on Reliable Clinical Experts for the help you need to win your case.

A Worldwide Pandemic

COVID-19 is an extremely dangerous virus that has infected millions of Americans. One of the things that make it so uniquely hazardous is that the long-term ramifications of infection are still unclear. Not only is it deadly, but survivors have reported suffering from a variety of symptoms for several weeks after they thought they’d fully recovered. While many people affected by the virus will get back to 100% within days, others find that they’re unable to shake their symptoms for months. Some of these lingering symptoms include:

  • Heart palpitations
  • Chest pain
  • Loss of taste or smell
  • Extreme fatigue
  • Cognitive difficulties
  • Recurring fevers

If you’ve taken on a malpractice case, you’ll need an accurate understanding of the toll COVID-19 can have on a person. Only a highly knowledgeable expert in the field can help you determine whether a case is worth pursuing, as well as the appropriate settlement you should expect if you choose to do so.

Acting as an Intermediary

One of the benefits of having an expert witness in a case that involves COVID-19 is the way that witness can explain the virus to a layperson. Like all diseases and medical conditions, COVID-19 can only be understood after first wading through complicated medical jargon that can be confusing to most people. A talented medical expert witness knows how to translate medical terms in a way that’s easy for judges and juries to understand. Their ability to act as an intermediary between the healthcare industry and laypeople isn’t just beneficial in a courtroom setting. It can be enormously instructive in building a case as well. Before you begin, adding a COVID-19 expert witness to your legal team can help you better understand what you’re getting into. You’ll gain a deeper insight into the details of the case, and will be better positioned to create a strategy that can lead to a successful outcome. Furthermore, by having a firm understanding of how the malpractice transpired — and the damages incurred by it — you’ll be able to present the facts to the opposition, increasing the likelihood that the case can be settled before ever having to go to trial.

Handling the Complexities of a Virus

COVID-19 involves a different kind of malpractice than you can expect with a car accident or a slip and fall. The virus itself is invisible. There’s no photographic evidence proving when the malpractice took place, and there’s no way to prove for certain that a single person or event was responsible for the transmission of the disease. A COVID-19 expert witness can be instrumental in helping you build a case where the typical evidence of who’s at fault doesn’t exist. The steps that people, businesses, and hospitals can take (or fail to take) to prevent transmission must be properly understood and accounted for in order to assess who’s at fault, and the ways in which your client has suffered. Only expert advice and testimony can paint a clear picture of malpractice and the behavior of the coronavirus.

The Best Defense Is a Good Offense

Anyone can hire an expert witness. If you feel like your case doesn’t require one, you may be disappointed when you discover the defense has hired their own COVID-19 expert witness. By having an expert deliver testimony, a lawyer earns a legitimacy in the eyes of the jury that exceeds that of the lawyer who lacks an expert witness. A juror is likely to be impressed when they hear knowledgeable testimony about a disease like COVID-19, and are more likely to take that side more seriously. If you were to begin a trial without an expert on your side, that same juror might suspect that there must be something wrong with your arguments. Otherwise, why didn’t you come with an expert? By having a COVID-19 expert witness as part of your legal team, you remove any doubt that you’re making a worthy case.

The Best Experts in the Field

When you require expert witness service, you can rest assured that you’ll get only the most skilled and qualified witnesses at Reliable Clinical Experts. Our COVID-19 expert witnesses are highly knowledgeable when it comes to this terrible and relatively new disease. All of them are board certified, having earned their degrees from some of the world’s foremost universities. Furthermore, our experts are actively practicing either in the US or in Puerto Rico, so they’re abreast of all the latest discoveries being made by scientists around the world in the international effort to come up with a vaccine — as well as therapeutics — to combat COVID-19. Because an expert is only as effective as their ability to communicate, we’ve pre-screened our COVID-19 expert witnesses to ensure that they have the communication skills necessary to put you and your client in the best position possible to win your case.

Our Three Step Process

You shouldn’t have to delay your case to wait for your medical expert services. That’s why we have a 3-step process that guarantees a prompt turnaround within 24 hours:

  1. Free consultation where we match you with the perfect COVID-19 expert for you.
  2. A Comprehensive review of your case by our COVID-19 expert witness.
  3. A written analysis or an in-person report delivered by the expert witness.

To find out how we can provide you with the ideal COVID-19 expert witness to aid you in the successful resolution of your next malpractice case, contact Reliable Clinical Experts at (855) 963-3625.