Geriatrics Expert Witness Case

Letter From Medical Expert Witness

Dear XXXX:

I, XXX M.D., M.S., am licensed physician board certified in Geriatrics, Family Practice, Emergency Medicine and Forensic Medicine.  I am a Certified Medical Director (CMD) as recognized by the American Medical Directors Association. I am familiar with the standard of care for medical practices that currently related to issues of care and treatment of patients such as X. I am familiar with the standard of care in this case by virtue of my training, education and experience of 25 years in the same field and/or related healthcare field as was practiced when treating X. I can fairly evaluate the quality of care that was provided.

I have reviewed the records of XXX.  These include the following:

  1. Photographs before and after
  2. Medical Records
  3. Hospital to
  4. Rehabilitation to
  5. Hospital to
  6. Autopsy


I have the expertise to evaluate the reliability of these records. These records are the type usually relied upon by reviewers such as myself. As a healthcare becomes increasingly complex, it is important for reviewers like myself to keep the documented interaction between a patient and healthcare facility at the heart of the review process.

While it is true that to some extent all patient interactions are unique, however, there are specific medical practices that a treating healthcare provider would be expected to provide to meet the applicable standard of care. I specifically reviewed these records to determine whether within a reasonable degree of medical certainty that the standard of care was met.

Based upon the medical records and document that I Have been provided, it is my professional opinion that the use of anti-psychotic medications was prescribed upon the clinical judgement of treating physicians during the course of the patient’s illness starting with an accidental fall from his scooter at X through the time of his death.

It is my professional opinion, based upon a reasonable degree of medical certainty that the physicians and care givers including staff, agents and apparent agents provided such care to Mr. X that would be provided by prudent similar doctor’s and facility caring for a similar patient under similar circumstances. Futhermore, it is my opinion that no failures or deviations from the standard of care were and proximal causes contributing to the deterioration and death of X. The death appears to be a result of the natural course of the patient’s underlying medical conditions.

Final autopsy diagnosis includes:

  1. End state dementia
  1. Sever amyloid angiopathy
  2. Alxhaeimer’s Disease
  3. Leukomalacia
  4. Subdural hematoma status post fall out of bed
  5. Cachexia
  6. Contractures upper and lower extremities bilateral
  7. Decubitus ulcer, sacral, State II
  8. History of multiple strokes
  1. Systemic Atherosclerosis
  2. Acute pneumonia

I specifically reserve the right to add to, amend or subtract from this report as new evidence comes into discovery, as new or additional records become available or as new opinions are formulated.


Respectfully submitted,



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