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Free consultation to determine the best medical expert witness

Written report and/or discussion with the expert witness

Court testimony by the same specialist who did your review

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Medical Expert Witness

We have experts in all 50 states, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands who can review your case and assess its potential for litigation.

Expert Medical Testimony

We help you build stronger cases with critical expert insights.

Free expert consultation

We’ll start by speaking with you to determine the specific field of expertise your case requires. After your free consultation, we’ll connect you with the appropriate medical expert in a timely manner, and they’ll begin their case analysis.

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Written Report

After reviewing your case, your assigned specialist will prepare a thorough written report detailing their assessment of the facts. They will also be available to discuss their assessment over the phone with privileged parties.

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Court Testimony

Your dedicated expert witness will be available and willing to provide sworn testimony describing and defending their assessment of your malpractice case. Our practitioners are familiar with malpractice cases, including witness examination.

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The most trusted credibility indicator in the medical community is board certification. Our specialists are board-certified and actively practicing in their field and can confidently determine whether malpractice was committed.

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Easy Recruiting

Reliable Clinical Experts makes it easy to find actively practicing, board-certified, and highly credible medical experts in virtually any speciality who are willing and able to consult and testify for your medical malpractice suit.

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Prorated Fee Scheduling

We know your cases can change and settle at any time. You’ll only pay for the time you use, regardless of the initial time estimates.

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Get Your Written Report in 24 Hours

Many cases require expedited services, so we’re always prepared to offer an accurate expert assessment of the medical facts of your case with the fasted possible turnaround.

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A1 Rating From the Better Business Bureau.

In legal matters, excellent service is more than a nicety. It’s vital to the outcome of your case. Reliable Clinical Experts delivers detailed, accurate assessments and testimony on schedule every time.

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Upholding the Standards of Healthcare

Reliable Clinical Experts reviews medical malpractice cases to determine their potential for litigation. Our medical legal consultation provides our clients, before they invest in expensive trial preparations, with reasonably priced clinical expertise in distinguishing real medical malpractice from the occurrence of known possible complications or a failure to communicate between physician and patient. All analyses are performed by our team of highly qualified expert medical witnesses in various fields of specialization. Our reliable medical experts work closely with our research department, which is available to our clients to investigate medical legal questions of any complexity.

If you’ve found yourself thinking, “I need an expert medical witness service,” Reliable Clinical Experts can help you find an expert witness and prepare a solid case to maximize your chances of a favorable outcome. So whatever your medical malpractice case may consist of, work with an expert witness to ensure your case is in good hands. Contact us today. We look forward to working with you!

Low Risk Case Screening

Many patient complaints do not constitute true medical malpractice. Our company accounts for this reality by offering a pro-rated fee schedule, ensuring that our clients pay less for the analysis of a case that we feel is not medical malpractice. If we review a case and determine that no malpractice has occurred, and thus no litigation is indicated, there will be no additional fees. If your case goes to court, testimony will be provided by the same medical expert witness you’ve been working with all along.

All potential medical malpractice cases are reviewed for the same reasonable fee regardless of the thickness of the file, making our services ideal for attorneys or organizations of any size and with any budget.

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We help you build stronger cases with critical expert insights.

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