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What Is a Medical Expert Witness?

Medical malpractice suits are complicated and involve the expert knowledge of a medical professional to make a strong claim. Medical malpractice suits result from the negligence of a medical professional, which causes harm to a patient. This harm can result in permanent physical, psychological and financial damages.

A medical expert witness is a medical professional with specialized training in medical law. These individuals assist lawyers in establishing merit for a case. With their knowledge in the medical setting, medical expert witnesses can provide the necessary medical insights to support a claim. 

For a lawyer to effectively represent a client, they must consult with a medical expert witness to determine the essential points needed to be made in a medical malpractice suit. In some cases, a medical expert witness can appear in court to adequately explain the medical malpractice suit in terms that a layperson could easily understand.

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  • Medical experts with medical law knowledge in all 50 states, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands 
  • Court testimony with the same expert from the start of the case
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Benefits of Working With an RCE Expert Medical Witness in Connecticut

  • During your first visit with RCE, you will have a free consultation that will determine the best medical expert for your case.
  • A board-certified specialist will assist you with your case and determine early on whether there are grounds for medical malpractice in accordance with the state law in Connecticut. 
  • You will have a dedicated specialist who will oversee your case from beginning to end. 
  • The same expert will stand as a court witness to help you defend your case. 
  • RCE’s team of experts will provide you with a comprehensive written report of your case after a thorough discussion with you and your legal team. 

An expert medical witness in Connecticut can help you determine if your case has merit. If you are looking for an expert medical witness in the area, book a consultation with one of our experts to discuss your case. 

RCE has a team of medical professionals who can provide you with useful medical insight to support your case. For over 30 years, RCE has worked together with legal teams in medical malpractice suits. There are available medical experts nationwide to help you, and an expert medical witness in Connecticut can assist you with cases in the area.

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You can depend on Reliable Clinical Experts to put you in touch with skilled and knowledgeable expert witnesses who are well-versed in Connecticut medical malpractice law. Call us at the onset of your case. We will help you evaluate the claim to determine whether you should pursue it. Our low-cost consultations can prevent you from spending valuable time and expense on a medical malpractice case with faulty legal merits. Reach out to RCE today.

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