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At Reliable Clinical Experts, we’ve been helping firms like yours for over 30 years. We connect you with Board-Certified Florida Medical Expert Witnesses to help you deliver a favorable outcome for your clients.

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Expert Florida Medical Witnesses

Florida allows physicians from out of state to provide written medical expert opinions and expert testimony with Expert Witness certification from the Florida Board of Medicine. 

Because Reliable Clinical Experts works with a nationwide network of medical experts, this widens the pool of available expert witnesses, giving you more choice and the enhanced ability to find the best possible candidate. 

We will refer you to expert witnesses with the required credentials or certification to provide services within Florida.

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All-Inclusive Clinical Specialties

Expert medical witnesses must have practiced in the same specialty as the physician accused of malpractice to testify on standard of care in Florida. So, it’s important that you have access to experts with varying experience in a wide range of specialties. 

Our range of specialties is one of the many reasons that Reliable Clinical Experts is your best option for locating a knowledgeable healthcare professional to provide medical expert witness services. 

We contract the services of expert witnesses in virtually every medical specialty area.

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Benefits of Turning to RCE for your Florida Medical Malpractice Claim

  • No Cost for Initial Case Review
  • Comprehensive Medical Expert Witness Services Throughout the Process
  • Affordable Fee Structure
  • Florida Board-Certified Healthcare Professionals
  • Out-of-state Providers with Florida Medical Expert Witness Certification
  • Comprehensive Background Checks
  • Licensing Verification of Medical Experts
  • Expedited Service Available as soon as 24 Hours
  • A1 Rating with the BBB
  • 30+ Years in the Industry

Reliable Florida Medical Expert Witnesses

The Expert Medical Witnesses who work with Reliable Clinical Experts are prepared and qualified to help your firm assess a claim on its merits. Call on our healthcare experts before expending time and effort to evaluate a claim for malpractice litigation. 

Our well-staffed research department helps our experts and our clients with research and investigation services for medical legal questions and concerns.

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Connect with a Qualified Medical Expert in Florida Today

You can depend on Reliable Clinical Experts to put you in touch with skilled and knowledgeable expert witnesses who are well-versed in Florida medical malpractice law. Call us at the onset of your case. We will help you evaluate the claim to determine whether you should pursue it. Our low-cost consultations can prevent you from spending valuable time and expense on a medical malpractice case with faulty legal merits. Reach out to RCE today.

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