If you’re looking for an expert medical witness in Illinois, you’re in the right place. Reliable Clinical Experts is the company you can depend on if you need expert medical testimony. 

Reliable Clinical Experts has a team of knowledgeable healthcare professionals who are experts at assisting clients to determine the merit of their medical malpractice cases, and who help medical professionals determine and prove that malpractice claims against them are not valid. 

No matter how complex your case is, Reliable Clinical Experts is equipped to handle it.

What is a Medical Expert Witness?

A medical expert witness is a nurse, physician, or other highly qualified medical professional employed to help with legal disputes and lawsuits, including medical malpractice suits. These licensed practitioners receive additional legal training to act as knowledgeable resources and witnesses.

Representing the Plaintiff

When representing a patient, or other plaintiff, the medical expert witness is integral in verifying that a medical professional did in fact breach a standard of care. The witness can appear in court to explain how the breach happened and how the actions led to the injury. 

The expert witness will explain the case elements in layman’s terms, so the jury and other non-medical experts can understand the full scope of what happened.

Representing the Defendant

Medical expert witnesses can also work to invalidate false claims of malpractice and false assertions of injury. Counsel representing the defendant should call on a medical expert witness in Illinois to prove that litigation is not necessary or the injury or other causation is not the defendant’s fault.

Benefits of Partnering with RCE

Some of the benefits of partnering with an Illinois Reliable Clinical Expert include:

  • Constant contact with one specialist who will work with you from your consultation to the end of the settlement or trial.
  • Access to medical experts in a broad spectrum of specialists located across all 50 states, and Puerto Rico.
  • Expert advice from board-certified medical professionals who are trained and experienced in medical litigation and their chosen medical field.
  • Affordable rates and reasonable fees for the initial case review and all services that follow.

If you are looking for a medical expert witness in Illinois, contact Reliable Clinical Experts today. No matter how complicated your case is, we will provide the answers you need. Contact us for a free consultation by clicking here.