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Medical Toxicology

In medicine, toxicology is a field that deals with the treatment of poisoning, exposure to toxins, and drug overdose. Medical toxicologists work in a complex field with longer and more rigorous training than other medical careers.

In lawsuits and claims where the plaintiff sustains an injury or disease due to exposure to chemical substances, medical toxicology expert witnesses may be called upon to represent the complainant and the defendant. In this case, their role is to educate the jury on the facts about the harm and causation.

At Reliable Clinical Experts, we provide the testimony and medical analysis you need to build a case. Our medical experience, education, qualifications, and professionalism set us apart in the industry.

Where do You Need a Medical Toxicology Expert Witness?

The roles of a toxicology expert witness may vary depending on whether they are supporting or refuting evidence claims. An attorney who wants a professional case perspective must refer to a toxicology expert witness.

At Reliable Clinical Experts, we provide highly experienced and knowledgeable expert witnesses to help you build a strong case. Our team is experienced in all aspects of toxicology-related litigation and consultation, including:

  • Unintentional poisoning
  • Toxic tort cases (e.g., asbestosis, mesothelioma, berylliosis, silicosis, dioxin, benzene)
  • Drug overdose
  • Pesticide exposure (e.g., organophosphates, chlorpyrifos, glyphosate)
  • Occupational/industrial chemical exposure
  • Drug interactions
  • Illicit drug overdose (e.g., cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine)
  • Intentional poisoning (e.g., arsenic, mercury)
  • Forensic toxicology

The complex nature of toxicology requires expert input. Incorporating a toxicology expert witness early in your case will help you gather all the scientific details you need to build a solid case.

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It takes the knowledge of a medical expert to determine if the standard of medical care has been met. Reliable Clinical Experts provides you with the reliable medical opinions you need to measure the potential for litigation of your medical malpractice claims. Call to schedule a medical legal consultation. Don’t hesitate to get in touch for more information about the services we offer.

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