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We connect you with highly qualified Medical Expert Witnesses from across the United States and help you prepare your case for favorable outcomes. 

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We Provide you with Expert Witnesses

Benefits of Choosing Reliable Clinical Experts:

  • Free Initial Case Review
  • Assigned, Dedicated Medical Expert Witness throughout the Process
  • Pro-rated Fee Scheduling
  • All Medical Experts are Board-Certified
  • Background Checks on all Experts
  • 24 Hour Turnaround Available
  • Daubert Analysis on Cases
  • Medical License Verification
  • A1 Rating from the Better Business Bureau
  • Over 30 Years Experience
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Low Risk Case Screening

Many patients complaints do not constitute true medical malpractice. Our company accounts for this reality by offering a pro-rated fee schedule, ensuring that our clients pay less for the analysis of a case that we feel is not medical malpractice at all. If we review a case and determine that no malpractice has occurred, and thus no litigation is indicated, there will be no additional fees. If your case goes to court, testimony will be provided by the same medical expert witness you’ve been working with all along.

All potential medical malpractice cases are reviewed for the same reasonable fee regardless of the thickness of the file, making our services ideal for attorneys or organizations of any size and with any budget.

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My firm has been working with RCE in excess of three years and we have had nothing but good results. Not only is RCE expeditious when responding to an expert request, they are very thorough. They provide the type of report, in the proper format, to satisfy various procedural and substantive requirements here in Illinois. They first establish a firm understanding of the facts and apply the knowledge that they know to determine if a case can be made for medical malpractice and other forms of healthcare negligence. They not only help attorneys practicing in these areas but also their clients in opining if a meritorious case exists. They do not “sugar-coat” any of their reports but call them as they see them. I would encourage others to give them a try! - John M. O’Toole
Letter from attorney John O'toole

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Don’t waste your trial funds on a consultation with a high initial case review rate just to find no evidence of medical negligence. Let Reliable Clinical Experts closely examine the merit of your case for a low-cost consultation. Schedule an appointment with our medical experts today. Learn more about how we can help with your legal issues by giving us a call.

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