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“If only I had known.” How many times have you said that? Medical legal consulting services are ready and willing to help you so you won’t make that mistake again. You may not know all the ways a trained medical legal professional can be of service to you. Medical expert witness services may be the example that first comes to mind, but there are others:

  • Interpreting medical records used in your legal case.

  • Analyzing research presented in your case. Research studies may be cited by either your attorney or the other party.

  • Preparing depositions. A medical legal professional will know which questions to ask, who to ask, and how to ask them.

  • Consulting with doctors and other professionals to gather facts.

  • Court preparation assistance for you, witnesses on your behalf, and attorneys.

There are several ways medical legal consultants are at work in our communities. Often hired by attorneys to work as expert medical witnesses, consultants also work with insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, and other healthcare agencies. Medical legal consultant services are available in all metropolitan areas and many small towns as well.

The above list of services might be used in malpractice cases. In a malpractice case, the plaintiff is charging medical harm was done to them. The attorney needs to gather facts and might use a medical consulting service to interpret medical records, consult with other medical resources, and prepare documents on your behalf.

In a personal injury case, medical legal consultants might also review medical records. Additionally, the consultant can be instrumental in depositions to be given on your client’s behalf and help prepare you and other witnesses for court proceedings.  

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