In 2022, there are wide array of medical concerns. On occasion, medical malpractice or otherwise incidental medical occurrences might require legal expertise. Here’s a list of steps to take if you are the victim in a medical lawsuit in 2022.

1. Call an attorney

If you find yourself the victim of medical malpractice, accidents, or other incidents, call a lawyer ASAP. Whether it be an emergency room visit gone wrong or some kind of systematic error within the hospital system, lawyers are your safest bet for recourse.

2. Gather evidence

It’s important to take photos or videos whenever possible. Physical evidence might include text messages, medical documents, lab results, x-rays, etc. If you can prove negligence at any point in time, this will be invaluable to your case.

3. Document everything

Health problems are personal and at times sensitive issues; therefore it is important to document interactions you have with medical providers and staff. Keep a journal and write down everything and anything related to your condition, treatment options, and what you’ve experienced at the hospital or doctor’s office.

4. If it goes to trial

The defense will most likely contest liability; therefore, it is imperative that your lawyer makes sure all of your evidence is presented in court. If you win your case, you’ll receive compensation for any related damages. Compensation can be tailored to your specific needs and will vary depending on the severity of the case.

5. If it settles

If your case is settled, you’ll receive compensation in a form usually determined by you and your lawyer ahead of time. It’s important to understand that the compensation will not be near as much as if you went to court, due to all of the legal fees and other costs associated with litigation.

6. Fight with your case

Medical lawsuit cases are costly to defend, which is why it’s important to find an attorney that will take your case. Sometimes there might be incentives (such as compensation for all of the client’s fees) given by the defendant if the case does not go to court. If you win at trial or settle out of court, compensation can range from a few thousand dollars to millions.

7. Don’t give up

If your lawyer turns down your case, it might not be a bad idea to get a second opinion from another attorney. Do your research and make sure you find the best attorney for your case, and a medical legal expert, if your case would benefit from one!

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