Before you commit to filing a cardiology malpractice lawsuit, you’ll need to find out if the case is worth pursuing. When you work with the professionals at Reliable Clinical Experts, our experienced medical expert witnesses will study the prospects of your case in advance so you’ll know if you’re looking at a genuine case of malpractice or an injury that resulted from known possible complications. By learning about all the details of your case as early as possible, we can save you money by protecting you from pursuing a losing case while providing you the assistance you need to achieve a positive outcome for you and your client.

Board-Certified Experts

In order to be in the best position to win a malpractice lawsuit, you’ll want the help of the most skilled expert witnesses possible. At Reliable Clinical Experts, all of our cardiology expert witnesses are board certified. We perform extensive background checks on every one of our medical experts so that each of our cardiology consultants can give you the highly trained, professional advice you need for the greatest likelihood of success.

Prorated Fee Schedule

We know how expensive a cardiology malpractice suit can be. That’s why we prorate our fee schedule, so you won’t have to pay for any duties we don’t perform. If our cardiology consultant determines that your case isn’t worth pursuing, you will face no additional fees.

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Don’t waste your trial funds on a consultation with a high initial case review rate just to find no evidence of medical negligence. Let Reliable Clinical Experts closely examine the merit of your case for a low-cost consultation. Schedule an appointment with our medical experts today. Learn more about how we can help with your legal issues by giving us a call.

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