Employment discrimination affects millions of people each year, causing them financial and emotional distress. It comes in many forms and can make your work situation unbearable and ruin your quality of life. 

Sometimes, discrimination can keep you from getting the employment that you deserve, forcing you to watch someone less qualified get the position instead of you.

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The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission identifies job discrimination as unfair treatment due to:

Chances are that either you or someone close to you has been treated unfairly on the job. If you are the victim of discrimination, you can take action by filing a charge against your employer and pursuing a lawsuit. 

The Right Legal Help

To pursue legal action, you need the services of a lawyer who specializes in job discrimination cases. The laws are complex and vary depending on several factors. Do you work for a private or public employer? Where do you live? What is your proof? 

Most states have their own job discrimination laws, which can make the system difficult to navigate. Also, attorneys with limited experience in these cases often lack the knowledge needed to win. And even experienced attorneys need the help of expert witnesses. 

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Expert Job Discrimination Witnesses

Employment discrimination experts have the specialized knowledge necessary to explain to a judge or jury exactly what job discrimination is and how it affects its victims. They usually have years of experience working in the field as well as advanced degrees covering the subject. 

The average person rarely recognizes job discrimination, especially if they are not the target. Sadly, management and owners are not always conscientious about establishing safe and fair workplaces. 

Despite your abilities, you may not advance at work because you are considered too old, the “wrong” race or are pregnant. Some businesses will not even give you a job interview. These situations should not stand. Fortunately, expert witnesses can give valuable testimony on your behalf and strengthen your case. 

What to Look for in a Hired Expert

It is critical for your expert witness to be not only knowledgeable in the field they have studied, but in legal proceedings and how they can best help your case. Some good things to look for in a hired expert witness include:

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