Infectious diseases are responsible for millions of deaths across the globe every year. Various pathogens can spread infectious diseases from person to person either through direct contact or via aerosols. 

Vectors such as mosquitos, lice, and ticks are also responsible for spreading many diseases. In addition, pregnant women can pass infectious diseases to their unborn children. 

Individuals can acquire other infectious diseases such as EColi by ingesting contaminated food or water. Although many infectious diseases today are managed with vaccines, practicing proper hygiene like regular hand-washing is the most effective prevention method.

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Some common infectious diseases include:

Infectious disease specialty doctors can diagnose and treat a variety of illnesses, which could include diseases caused by viruses, bacteria, fungi, or parasites. An infectious disease specialist might also be called on to evaluate a patient suffering from a fever of unknown origin.

These infectious diseases may include conditions or diagnoses such as:

An infectious disease expert witness possesses real-world experience in tracing, diagnosing, and treating conditions like these. A witness testimony from an infectious disease expert  provides valuable insights regarding viruses, bacteria, parasites, and fungi. 

Their knowledge helps litigators, general councils, and insurers better understand how infectious diseases are treated and managed- both historically and today. 

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Why Reliable Clinical Experts?

The testimony of an expert witness helps legal professionals to be able to build a stronger case for a lawsuit or infectious disease medical malpractice claim. For defendants, an expert witness in infectious disease can help the legal team disprove the grounds of a lawsuit.

If your client has been exposed to infectious disease due to negligence, an expert witness will be able to determine if there are grounds for a lawsuit or malpractice claim. Their extensive experience will prove indispensable in verifying the merits of the case so your client’s dispute can proceed to trial.

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Qualified Experts

Reliable Clinical Experts will connect you with an infectious disease expert witness to help establish liability, causation, and damages so your client’s case can move forward. 

Our board-certified expert witnesses are well-versed with the law as it pertains to infectious diseases. They are also pre-screened to ensure they can translate complex medical data into a format that is easily communicated to laypeople. 

All our infectious disease expert witnesses are actively practicing professionals with a comprehensive understanding of the latest developments in medical technology, diagnosis, and treatment.

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Infectious Disease Expert Witness

 In most medical malpractice cases, attorneys rely on qualified experts willing to testify after reviewing all relevant medical records and information regarding the claims. Litigation involving infectious diseases is often more complex. Allegations may include delayed or inappropriate treatment of diseases and complications from the treatment itself.

An infectious disease expert witness is a medical doctor who testifies on the diagnosis and treatment of diseases and infections like COVID-19 (SARS), HIV/AIDS, and Pneumonia. Expert witnesses may also provide expert witness testimony on cases involving mycobacterial infections, viruses, and the spread of diseases.

What Can an Infectious Disease Expert Witness Do?

Medical expert witnesses are called in most medical malpractice lawsuits to provide insight into the case, from an educated opinion, and potentially testify. The testimony of a qualified physician can significantly impact the outcome of a case. Infectious disease expert witnesses are respected members of the medical community who deal with diagnosing and treating acute and chronic diseases caused by bacteria, viruses, fungi, or parasites.

Infectious diseases may include Tuberculosis (TB), HIV/AIDS, MRSA, Meningitis, Sepsis, Shingles, Chickenpox, Influenza A and B, Lyme Disease, Malaria, Toxic Shock Syndrome, Hepatitis A and B, Pneumonia, and Rubella, among other health problems caused by infections.

The Importance of an Infectious Disease Expert in a Claim

An expert witness is a licensed physician who has specialized knowledge of a particular subject beyond the average doctor’s, even in the same field. The expert witness can explain the specific disease and how treatment affects the outcome. Infectious disease experts don’t just understand the standard of care. They define it in a way that’s easy to understand for individuals outside of the medical field.

Infectious disease expert witnesses provide unbiased opinions in medical-related lawsuits within the scope of their expertise. They may also shed insight into whether or not there was a deviation from standard protocols or how a doctor’s malpractice can affect the patient’s well-being. The medical expert witnesses present clear, easy to comprehend facts in depositions and trials so every member of the court can understand the claims, regardless of how complex the medical issue may be.

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Find an expert with specific knowledge in the field of infectious diseases. Our experts have successfully testified for both plaintiffs and defendants in a variety of cases. We connect attorneys to reliable medical expert witnesses in all 50 US states, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands.

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