Laparoscopic surgery is a minimally invasive surgery, meaning that it is performed through a small incision and without the need to make significant incisions in the patient in order to gain access to the affected areas.

After the incision is made, a surgeon’s tools are fed through the small slit that is made, followed by small tubed cameras to help the surgeon see inside. It’s a type of surgery very similar to an endoscopy, which uses tiny scopes to look inside various parts of the body.

Laparoscopic surgeries result in far less bleeding, scarring, pain, less time to heal and shorter hospitalization times than typical surgeries.

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Some surgeries that utilize laparoscopic methods include:

Possible Complications of Laparoscopic Surgery

Depending on the health issue and what part of the body is operated on, patients could experience a number of complications following a laparoscopic surgery, including:

Lingering effects of laparoscopic surgeries can be costly and inconvenient, or even life threatening. Patients can find themselves incapacitated from complications for months after surgery, keeping them from returning to life as normal.

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