Sexual abuse includes all kinds of nonconsensual sexual activity. In this digital age, sexual abuse can also happen online without physical contact, such as the forced viewing of pornography. Children, adults, and elders can all be victims of sexual abuse.

Sexual abuse is incredibly damaging to victims, both physically and psychologically. Many survivors suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder, along with many other lasting psychological complications.

A medical expert witness will be able to ascertain the extent of the abuse’s effects, ensuring that survivors receive the compensation they deserve to facilitate their healing.

Expert Witness Services for Sexual Abuse Cases

In cases of sexual abuse against adults, consent is a major factor. Medical experts will be able to determine if the victim had the capacity to give consent or was otherwise incapactated by drugs, alcohol, illness, or disability.

Medical experts will also be able to analyze the forensic evidence of injury and determine the possible causes. This contributes to the effects on the victim and affects the compensation they deserve for personal injury.

Anyone, regardless of age or gender, can be a victim of sexual abuse. A medical expert witness understands the differences in these situations and can explain the harm caused.

Types of Sexual Abuse Cases

Sexual Abuse of Children

Child abuse is its own complex area of litigation and medical expertise. Children are often abused by adults in positions of trust or authority, such as parents, caregivers, coaches, or clergy members.

Sexual Abuse of Adults

Sexual abuse of adults can include assault and harassment. Offenders may be strangers to the victim, but more often they are someone known by the victim. Marital rape, also known as spousal rape, is also a crime.

Sexual Abuse of Elders

Elderly people often require high levels of personal care, resulting in easy opportunities for abuse from caregivers, family members, or even fellow nursing home residents. The declining health of these victims can cause problems with memory and communication abilities, making it even more difficult to report this kind of abuse.

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