In modern litigation, the role of a medical expert witness is essential in putting the medical elements of a case into perspective. Their unbiased view of the case ensures the judge and jury receive only the facts and not a personal preference between the plaintiff and the defendant. If you’re looking into medical expert witness services, continue reading to familiarize yourself more with their role in a courtroom.

Thorough Knowledge

Depending on the case, an expert medical witness should have a working familiarity with the material facts. The witness normally has access to medical records and statements. He or she will analyze them and provide a working theory, usually with visual aids or a written report. For example, a medical malpractice lawsuit may present evidence of physical damage to the patient incurred from a procedure. The witness’s job is to discuss the reasons why it happened. These experts are often related to the medical field at hand, like bringing in a cardiologist for a botched cardiac surgery. This ensures that the theories brought forth by the witness come from a reputable source with years of experience in their specialized field of medicine. In many other cases, however, multiple witnesses from different fields may be needed, so there’s a more comprehensive understanding of the facts.

Helps Break Down Medical Language

Many people involved in the case may not be familiar with the technical, scientific jargon associated with a particular medical field. The expert witness helps break down these terms. Some cases might be too extensive and technical for someone not practicing medicine to understand. The simplified version of the evidence is critical in the courtroom. With that, the judge and jury can reach a more tangible conclusion, which helps the proceedings move toward a decision.

Naturally, it’s important to bring on a witness that is adequately qualified to handle the evidence. They must also be able to provide the reasoning behind their conclusion. Ensure that the witness brought on is the right one for the task at hand.

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