Residents of nursing homes are in a very vulnerable position. As elderly people, they likely suffer from mobility and medical issues, and they require attentive care in order to enjoy a high quality of life and good health. Unfortunately, residents don’t always get the assistance they need, which is why nursing homes and assisted living facilities are frequently the subjects of malpractice lawsuits. If you’re representing a client who’s suffered at the hands of a negligent nursing home, your case could probably use the help of expert witness services that only a nursing home expert witness can provide.

Standards of Care

If you’re going to prove to a jury that a nursing home has violated standards of care and safety, you’ll need expert knowledge of what those standards are. Medical expert witnesses who are deeply versed in the procedures and requirements of nursing homes can provide you with the insight required to convince a jury that your client is deserving of a settlement. It’s worth noting that not everyone in a nursing home needs the same level of attention. Nursing home expert witnesses have a firm understanding of what is necessary to properly care for residents with varying levels of independence.

Understanding a Broad Spectrum of Services

Nursing homes have several responsibilities. They need to care for their residents’ day-to-day needs, like ensuring they’re dressed, fed, and taking their medications. There are social activities that require additional attention to make sure their residents are safe, and everyone living in a nursing home could be subject to verbal or physical abuse at the hands of careless or violent employees. Nursing home medical experts are familiar with all the various duties performed by nurses, administrators, and staff that work at assisted living facilities, but they’re also experts at the medical responsibilities that go into running a nursing home as well. Besides administering medicines, nursing homes need to provide emergency medical care, pain management, psychiatric care, and pain management — disciplines that are more associated with hospitals than traditional apartments.

Building a Case

By incorporating the expertise of a witness who fully understands the responsibilities and functions of a nursing home, you’re putting yourself in the best position you can to win your case. An expert witness can explain to the jury in plain language the ways in which your client suffered at the hands of a negligent nursing home. Furthermore, they’re tremendously beneficial as you assemble your case. They can put a dollar sign on the damages, and by incorporating their thorough knowledge of the operation of nursing homes with your understanding of the facts of the case, you’ll be able to determine whether the case is worth pursuing, thereby saving you the time and expenses lost with filing a losing lawsuit. Finally, by giving you the information to present a solid argument to the opposition in advance, a nursing home expert witness can help you achieve a desirable settlement, rendering a trial unnecessary.

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