To successfully defend or support your client’s claims in court, you may need the assistance of a medical witness expert. Medical malpractice cases require medical expert testimony, and there are many other type of cases that benefit from this as well. But what is the role of a medical expert witness, and when are they needed?

Role of the Medical Expert Witness

Your expert witness has several duties. For example, they must examine the facts of the case and prepare written statements and reports. To explain their theories before a judge or jury, they may also need to create models or visual aids. Their reports become part of the supporting evidence of the lawsuit. These witnesses are usually called by the plaintiff as well as the defendant to support or defend their claims.

When Are They Needed?

To be accepted as a medical expert, the witness must have personal experience working in the medical field and have contributed to academic studies or medical publications. An expert witness is needed to break down the medical jargon and explain the key issues of the case. They must also speak with reasonable certainty when it comes to the facts of the case. It’s their job to help the jury or judge reach a valid conclusion in the case.

Here are some examples of court cases that require medical expert witness services:

  • Explain physical injuries, e.g., as a result of domestic abuse or sexual assault
  • Put a monetary value on pain and suffering
  • Talk about the effects of addictions of any kind
  • Explain the effects of a bad drug
  • Determine the amount of future medical costs, such as physical therapy, etc.

Depending on the case, you may need to hire more than one medical expert witness. Each witness is an expert in a specialized field, such as psychiatry, pediatrics, or oral surgery. What the witnesses have in common is the ability to testify in court and convincingly explain your case in plain terms.

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