Telltale Clues

Many different substances can cause reactions in susceptible individuals. Some can be very difficult to trace to the original cause. The patient may have done some things to exacerbate the reaction. For these reasons, it is critical to engage a medical expert witness whose specialty is in allergy or immunology. Allergy expert witness can help discover the true source of an allergic reaction.

Kissing a Corpse

In one case, an allergist examined a 48-year-old woman suffering from lips that were swollen, itchy, and chapped. The patient had attempted to treat the rash using antibiotics, topical vitamin E, and lip balm. During the exam the woman confided that her boyfriend had recently died, and she had kissed the corpse’s lips at the funeral. A patch test showed the patient was allergic to the formaldehyde used to preserve the corpse, and the lip balm used to treat the rash. Symptoms were resolved upon discontinuing the lip balm.

Blue Hair

Another allergy specialist consulted with a 45-year-old woman complaining of an itchy rash on her scalp, face, and neck. The rash had been persistent for several years. The allergist learned that the rash began when the patient started dying her hair blue. A patch test discovered that she was allergic to disperse blue 106, a known allergen. The allergist recommended avoiding the dye, which the patient failed to do, and continued to suffer from the rash.

Allergy Testing

Allergist Dr. Ali Saad states, “Getting a detailed history from a patient is one of the most important steps we can take in solving allergy problems…sometimes we need to do investigative work to discover how the person, in our office, ended up there with a very specific set of symptoms.” Medical expert witness services can help analyze your symptoms, their origin, and determine whether you have a valid case or not.

Medical expert witness services can provide you with an experienced allergy expert witness or immunology expert witness, and their expert testimony can help you win your case.

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