In movies or television shows, medical malpractice suits seem like a walk in the park to win. Listen to some politicians and you will get the same uninformed opinion. The reality is a medical malpractice suit takes a lot of planning and specific steps, including, but not limited to, hiring medical expert witness services, researching the histories of all the medical staff involved, and even steps you, the client, can take.

Go Dark

The World War II adage says that “loose lips sink ships” and that saying is even truer in legal cases and applies to all forms of communication, even social media. You never know when something you say or post will come back and haunt you. The best strategy and first step you can take to help your medical malpractice suit is to disappear from all forms of public communication.

Document Your Experience

The more information you provide your attorneys, the better your chances of giving them the information they need to push your case over the hump. Unfortunately, very few of us possess total recall of events, which means we remember stuff as we go through our daily lives. One suggestion capitalize on that is to carry around a notepad and pen and jot down any information pertaining to your experience that pops into your head.

Remember that your attorneys know more about this process than you do, so don’t be afraid that something you think of is too inconsequential or silly. You never know what tidbit of information might be worth its weight in gold.

Ask Questions

You want to let your attorneys do their work, but you also want to make sure you understand what is going on. Do not be afraid to ask them why they are doing the things they are doing. Asking your attorney “why do I need a medical witness?” is not being intrusive, it is making sure you understand the dynamics of your particular case.

Be Available

A lot of your case is in the hands of your attorney and the medical expert witness they’re relying on, but both of those entities might have questions for you. Make sure you’re available to them, by phone or in person to the greatest extent possible.

Listen to Your Attorney

In most cases, your attorney will not see a dime unless you prevail in your case. That means it’s in their best interest to make decisions that benefit your case. This is particularly important to remember if your attorney recommends you take a particular course of action that might not be what you expected.

Preparing for a malpractice case takes a lot of planning and effort. From your attorney’s strategy to the medical expert witness services you use to your own actions, everything you and your legal team do must help build your case. Following these rules will make sure you have your part down.

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