If you’re an accident attorney, it’s hard to overestimate the importance of expert witnesses. A skilled expert witness can often mean the difference between success and failure, so choosing the right one is extremely important. While finding an expert medical witness can be instrumental in achieving a positive outcome, equally Car accidentimportant is having the best accident restoration expert witness to help paint a picture for a jury. The next time you need expert witness services, here are a few things you should know about accident restoration expert witnesses.


Presenting Facts

At its most basic, an expert witness is necessary to present facts to the jury. Witnesses on the scene can provide valuable information, and your client might be helpful, but if you’re going to get the facts of the accident delivered to the jury in a way they can easily digest, there’s no better way to do so than with an accident restoration expert witness.

Providing Crucial Details

Accident restoration expert witnesses—also known as accident reconstruction specialists—can create a picture of events that wouldn’t exist without their help. The expert witness will visit the scene of the accident, make measurements, and review evidence to better determine the sequence of events. Using firsthand knowledge of visibility studies and roadway design issues, they can examine the vehicles and roadways to make a determination as to who or what was at fault. By doing so, they’re able to restore or reconstruct the accident, acting as a witness to what took place entirely through deductive reasoning and scientific thought.

Serving as an Intermediary

Jury members will have to decide which side of a case is the most convincing. In the process of making their determination, no matter how much they like a particular lawyer, they understand that the attorney’s job is to win their case. An expert witness isn’t viewed the same way. Like all expert witnesses, accident restoration expert witnesses are viewed by jurors as sources of unbiased, scientific analysis. While they’re giving an opinion, a talented witness can do so in a fashion that’s firmly based in scientific reasoning, and that reassures a jury that they’re hearing the unvarnished truth.

Painting a Picture

Car accidents can be extremely complicated and confusing events. A single accident can involve several vehicles and people, so if you’re going to make a convincing case for your client, you’ll need to paint as clear a picture of the event as possible. Accident restoration expert witness excel at helping jurors understand the events that led up to an accident, so they can correctly assign blame. Using photographic evidence and illustrations, a talented expert witness can help the jury see the accident from different angles, helping them make sense out of what took place. The ability of an accident reconstruction expert to combine hard data, visual evidence, and expert analysis helps jurors understand complex ideas in a way that gives an accident the context they’ll need for a favorable verdict.

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