Conducting forensic testIf you’re representing a client in a malpractice case, you’re probably going to need some expert advice. Having persuasive testimony can mean the difference between winning and losing a case, but when is it the right time to hire an expert medical witness? In particular, when will you require the expertise of a forensic specialist? Here are a few examples of when it may be wise for you to rely on the services of a forensic expert witness.

Gathering Background Information

With any case, there’s always going to be some pertinent information that you could use help with. This is especially true if the accident or malpractice suit you’re litigating involves forensic science. It’s highly unlikely that you’re already an expert in forensic science, so having access to an expert medical witness or medical malpractice expert who specializes in forensics is vitally important to get a handle on your case.

Observing Another’s Testing

You might want to have your forensic expert observe testing being performed by the other side. This can work to your advantage if they spot something wrong because they can document the error for use in the trial as evidence. The downside, however, is if the testing is perfectly executed. Not only would the results be used against your client, but your expert could actually testify to the veracity of the testing during the trial. Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide if the benefits of observing testing outweigh the risks.

Reviewing Another’s Work

If forensic analysis has already taken place in your case, you may be in possession of valuable evidence which you may not readily understand. Notes, lab tests, and photographs taken by medical examiners need to be analyzed by someone with a fluent understanding of the science of forensics. A forensic expert can help you better understand the evidence while also spotting things you wouldn’t usually notice.

Conducting Their Own Tests

If you feel like you need testing to provide further evidence for your case, you have no choice but to hire a forensic expert. It’s also possible, however, that you might want to retest evidence where the first test didn’t provide the results you expected or desired. An expert can perform such a test, but they can also dissuade you from retesting evidence—DNA evidence, for example—if they believe it’s a waste of time or won’t help your case.

Observing Testimony

Whether during testimony or a deposition, a lot of value can be had by having a forensic expert on hand. The right expert can give you necessary details on testimony and even find holes in their argument. Their mere presence might be enough to encourage a witness to take more care recounting events.

Provide Testimony

If you’ve already had your forensic expert conduct tests or review evidence, having them testify may be the only way to present their analysis to a jury. A talented forensic expert should be comfortable on the stand and can guide jurors through some of the more complicated scientific aspects of your case, putting a human face on cold, scientific jargon.

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