Expert Witness

Using an expert medical witness in a liability or malpractice case requires careful planning and matching the right type of witness with the goals of the case. You do not want to employ expert witness who has no background in the type of malpractice, negligence or liability issues you are facing. The following are the different types of medical expert witnesses you can expect to utilize, depending on the objectives of your case.

General Physicians

As the name implies, a general physician provides general advice and explanation, usually pertaining to a litigant’s physical, mental or emotional condition. They will also cover recommended treatment and medical care.

Forensic Toxicologist

These types of expert witnesses provide testimony in personal injury cases involving malpractice or drug interactions. This can include poisoning or side effects that occurred because of a wrong prescription. For instance, if a patient indicates they are allergic to a particular type of drug and it is still used on them, a forensic toxicologist will cover the drug, the side effect, and what degree of negligence went into prescribing it.


Neurologists provide testimony regarding issues related to the brain, spinal cord and nerves. They will provide insight into a condition, its extent and the likely effects of that injury on the injured person’s life moving forward.


These experts provide insight into surgical procedures and outcomes. That can include covering malpractice, negligence or liability based on the surgical procedure that was used on a patient. Often, they indicate whether the surgeon in question followed appropriate procedures and if the injury could have been avoided.

Pain Management

These experts provide insight into the pain an injured person experiences, and its treatment. They will also cover how the pain will affect the injured person’s quality of life.

Life Care Specialist

A life care planner will provide testimony on issues pertaining to a disability, future healthcare expenses, loss of income and quality of life. They will shed light on how an injury impacts the injured and the ongoing impact that will have on the rest of their life.

An expert medical witness has to specialize in the type of injury or medical condition the litigant is facing to be the most effective. Your attorney can help match your needs to an appropriate expert.

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