Medical witness Accidents can be devastating. The damage they cause can last a lifetime. Winning a personal injury case can’t erase the damage but it can help make that damage easier to live with. Winning the case is often difficult. It’s an exhausting back and forth that relies mostly on what the people directly involved say. Often, there aren’t reliable witnesses to accidents. Using expert witnesses can help turn a case in your favor. Unlike most witnesses, expert witnesses don’t have to be present at the scene when the accident occurs to be able to testify. They use their professional knowledge to explain what most likely happened and what lasting effects the accident had.

Accident Reconstruction Specialists

Accident reconstruction specialists use evidence from the scene to create an account of what happened. They can determine how fast any vehicles involved were going, whether or not they accelerated, who had the right of way, and more. This can help determine who was at fault.

Phone Record Specialists and Forensic Toxicologists

Phone record specialists and forensic toxicologists look at different factors that play a large part in many accidents. Phone record specialists look at phone records to determine if a driver was distracted by their phone at the time of the accident. Forensic toxicologists determine if a person was drunk or high at the time of the accident, which would impair their ability to drive.

Expert Medical Witnesses and Life Care Planners

An expert medical witness looks at the injuries a person sustained and explains what those injuries mean for the injured person. An expert witness doctor will explain how serious the injuries are. If the person can fully recover, they’ll also estimate how long that will take. If the injured person will never fully recover, they’ll explain what lasting effects the injuries will have. Life care planners are not the same as medical witnesses but can further explain the lasting effects of any injuries. They explain what changes a person will have to make to their life to accommodate the changes caused by the injury, like using a wheelchair because of limited mobility.

Accidents are awful events that can have lasting consequences. Living with these consequences can be frustrating and difficult. Getting the justice you deserve can’t bring back anything the accident took from you. But, it can lighten your load a little bit.

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