The purpose of expert medical witnesses is to provide information on a subject that a judge or jury may not have intimate knowledge. This can be during either a civil case or a criminal case. Expert witnesses are often used for medical malpractice cases as they fully understand the law and best practices of practicing medicine. It’s important to know what an expert witness is and what they do so that you can know if you need one for your case. Here is some more information about emergency medicine expert witnesses.

What an Emergency Medicine Expert Witness Does

The purpose of an emergency medicine expert witness is to provide opinions based on their expert knowledge of emergency medicine. There is a certain standard of care that is required of emergency physicians. Failure to provide this level of care could result in further problems for a patient and may result in a medical malpractice suit and peer review. An expert witness may be called upon to review the information of the case and offer an expert opinion about the physician.

Emergency Medicine Medical Expert Qualifications

When looking into hiring an expert witness, it’s important to ensure that they meet the qualifications. Otherwise, it could put into question the expertise of the witness on a particular subject. Any emergency medicine expert witness should be licensed as a doctor of medicine or osteopathic medicine in the state in which the incident took place. They should also be certified by a recognized certifying body in emergency medicine. While certifications are important, so is experience within the field. Therefore, you should hire an expert witness that has an active clinical practice in emergency medicine and has been practicing for at least three years.

Review Medical Facts

While the medical expert used should have a practice and expertise in the field, they should also know the details of the case. These cases can be complicated, so the expert needs to have a full understanding of what happened before they arrive. When reviewing the case, they should complete their study in a thorough, fair, and objective manner. Excluding any information to create a favorable view for the plaintiff or defendant could result in problems under cross-examination. If the expert witness does exclude information from one side, their opinion may not be considered.

Chosen By Experience

When selecting an expert witness, experience is the most crucial factor. While you may have the option of those that hold a higher office, the witness must regularly practice emergency medicine. By having recently treated patients, they’ll be up-to-date with the best practices of the field and have a better understanding of the situation being discussed. If two experts are being considered that have a similar experience, a higher position may be used to choose between the two.

An emergency medicine medical expert may be called in for a malpractice suit or peer review to offer an expert opinion on the case. The person chosen for this role should have plenty of experience and understand the laws and best practices of the field. Contact Reliable Clinical Experts if you need an expert medical witness for your case.

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