You’re injured in a traffic accident. You file a lawsuit to hold the party who caused the accident accountable. Even if you can show the other party’s fault, you must show what your injuries were and how they were caused by the accident. An expert medical witness is the key to winning the case and receiving a substantial amount of money for your injuries. Here’s how an expert witness helps your case.

Negligence Claim

Four things are necessary to prove your negligence claim. You must show the other party owed you a duty, the other party breached that duty, you were injured, and the other party’s action caused your injury. It’s not enough for you to testify that you were injured. You need medical testimony.


You must prove the accident caused your injury. How can a medical expert explain the cause of your injury?

  • The expert can testify that a blow to the head during an accident can cause a concussion.
  • The expert can testify that the jar you received from a rear-end collision can cause a back or neck injury.
  • The expert can testify that internal injuries can result from the pressure of a seat belt during an accident.

The Extent of Your Injury

A medical expert witness can explain the extent of your injury. The witness can refute a claim that you had a previous condition that was not made worse by the accident. He or she can explain the difference in the structure of your spine before and after the accident.

Clear Explanations

An expert witness knows how to explain complex medical issues in a manner that the jury can understand. A jury decides your case. The expert witness needs to keep the jurors’ attention and not allow the jurors to get lost in the medical technicalities. The expert witness can explain the relationship between your injury and the accident. He or she can point to weaknesses in the testimony of the expert witnesses for the other side.

You need an expert witness trained in the field that applies to your case. You don’t need an orthopedic surgeon to explain a heart condition. You need an expert with experience in consulting with lawyers about cases, giving depositions, and testifying in court.

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